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Active for Life Rehabilitation specializes in Physical Therapy for Senior Adults, empowering them to overcome functional limitations and live active, healthy lifestyles. Treatments are provided in the comfort of your own home and services are covered by Medicare Part B.

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Welcome to Active for Life Rehabilitation
In Home Physical Therapy For Senior Adults

Have you experienced a decline in your ability to perform daily tasks because of illness, injury, or a recent fall? Active for Life Rehabilitation can help.

The caring, experienced clinicians at Active for Life Rehabilitation provide the highest quality Physical Therapy services to enabling you to overcome your functional limitations and regain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Our goal is to empower Senior Adults to conquer limitations in mobility, self care, home management, community needs, and recreational activities so they can live a healthy and active life.

Our staff specializes in the care of Senior Adults.  Treatment is provided in comfort of your own home, community center, or assisted living facility. 

Services are covered by Medicare Part B and most secondary insurances.  All that is needed to get started is a doctor's prescription.

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